Even A Vegan Can Enjoy Ice Cream


vegan ice cream

Warning: Religious Content

17 year old son home safely from 6+ weeks in Israel.

But there’s a problem.

You found his hashishi pipe?


He’s volunteering with the Palestinian Aid Relief?

That would not be a problem. We are all g-d’s people.

He’s dating a Bedouin? Joined the Israeli army? Is training to become a camel jockey?

Bite your tongue!

Our son, ladies and gentlemen –





Oh, we’ve had kids go vegan before. Usually it’s our middle son and her name is Liana. Or Destiny. Or for a very memorable few weeks, Mary-Margaret.

This time, though, a steady diet of hummus and falafel have led our young man straight over into the loving arms of green lentils and coconut milk.

Tried everything.

“What about iced capps? Pinoli’s Pizza? WHAT ABOUT ICE CREAM?”

“Don’t worry Mom. I’ve been making my own (vegan) ice cream. With frozen bananas.”

That sounds delicious. I’ve got to try it. And now you can, too.

Vegan Ice Cream Recipe

Serves 4:

vegan ice cream

4 frozen bananas

1 heaping spoonful of peanut butter

(if allergic, use free-nut butter or omit entirely)

Extreme patience

Brown sugar for sprinkling on top

(Optional mix-ins: oreos, chocolate chips, dried banana chips, crushed pretzels, basically anything in your pantry)

vegan ice cream

vegan ice cream

Slice and peel frozen bananas. We sliced first and popped out slices into bowl of food processor.

Add peanut butter (or not).

Let processor go on and on and on and on for longer than you would think until mixture has the consistency of frozen yogurt or soft ice cream.

Add mix-ins if using and let swirl 1-2 more times.


Or, freeze and eat later.


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Amy Fish is a Canadian who writes about complaining. She is the author of the non-fiction book The Art of Complaining Effectively. Amy has been interviewed on national and local television and radio as a complaints expert, and as a writer. Her work has been published in  Reader’s Digest and the Globe and Mail (Canada’s national newspaper) and she has won writing prizes from both Writer’s Digest and the Quebec Writer’s Federation. Amy loves to spread the gospel of complaining effectively and has appeared as a keynote speaker at conferences, professional meetings and garage door openings. Visit Amy online at amyfishwrites.com.

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