Vegan Chocolate Cake


vegan chocolate cake

Kids all home and my Dad coming for supper. Husband bought fresh coffee beans for espresso.

Which means we need cake.

Cake without eggs, butter or milk chocolate.


Found vegan cake recipe on internet that calls for 1 box cake mix, 1 can Coke.

(I thought vegans were supposed to be healthy, but hey, I’m not a narc.)

Have cake mix left over from when I thought my in-laws were coming over but we ended up going for sushi.

Instructions say any soft drink + any cake mix will work.


vegan chocolate cake

  1. Box of chocolate cake mix
  2. 12 oz of diet Coke
  3. Non-butter spray for pyrex
  1. Spray pyrex
  2. In separate bowl, mix cake mix and soft drink
  3. Bake at 350 for approx. 30 minutes
Things to Know
  1. The cake tastes really good but the texture is a bit more crumbly than we’re used to
  2. It’s a good trick to keep in your pocket in case of emergency vegan visitors or in-laws who are not in the mood for sushi
  3. Vegan lifestyle includes diet soda and cake mix but does not allow for yogurt or egg whites. Hmmm.

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