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We love success stories and this one is truly impressive. TAC  (Toronto Athletic Camps) was created in 2011. The company is run by 4 young adults that are very passionate about sports education. TAC was one of our Vendors when we sold the clubmom loyalty card so we know them well.

The Founders created TAC to help accomplish their life passion of providing the best programming for children in sports, arts and the martial arts. They wanted to have an organization and the power to implement programming that set out their vision for what children’s education could look like.

“We wanted to invest in our own future and the future of others who shared our vision in sports education.”

They are not only passionate about the kids, but about giving recent graduates in sports education the opportunity to be involved with TAC.

Like any other start-up, the first few years can be hard. They didn’t give up and they built their business to a point where it is now their full time job. They explain that when the business opportunity matches your passion, and your passion meets the demand of the marketplace, then you have a viable business that benefits both yourselves and society at large.

Amazingly, despite being business owners, they still coach twice a day themselves. This keeps them involved in the day-to-day and completely in touch with their programs, students, coaches and school administrators.

TAC programs focus on sports, martial arts and creative arts programming for students ages 4-16. At their core, programs focus on developing self-esteem and self-confidence through sport participation, active programming, and opportunities for creative fun. TAC runs a variety of programs, from soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton, gymnastics, mixed martial arts, fine arts and cartoons unleashed. The coaches are young, expert and former athletes. Their programs focus on personal skill and self-image development. They are non-competitive in the sense that everyone has their own path to developing skills, and their own speeds at which they learn skills.

Check out TAC Sports online by clicking here. They have great summer programs and camps running now!

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