Should You Get A Brazilian Wax


Brazilian wax

These days, getting a Brazilian wax is like a rite of passage into summer time.

Women have removed hair from their bodies for centuries, however the number of women getting Brazilians, all their pubic hair removed, seems to be on the rise.

A decade ago, cleaning up the top, sides and a little underneath so no hair poked out of your bikini bottom or undies was enough for most women outside the sex trade or porn industry.

We’re wondering why women are doing this? Why are so many women getting a Brazilian wax these days?

It is definitely not for health reasons. It is actually more hygienic to sport a full bush. Pubic hair protects you against bacteria. This “added protection” is especially important in the summer months since water and sand contain a number of unwanted bacteria.

Does a Brazilian wax make you feel sexier?

Porn stars generally have their genitals shaved or waxed. Has this practice trickled its way to women outside the porn industry making them feel this is what men want? Has your partner asked you to do this for him or do you just think he’ll like it better? If he’s asked, do you know why?

In a recent study, the Brazilian was the big winner with 41% of respondents saying they preferred women with no pubic hair whatsoever. No pubic hair whatsoever? We would hazard to say that most women would prefer their man do a little manscaping and pruning down there, but we would never expect him to pour molten hot wax on his genitals and remove all his pubic hair.

Do you prefer the feeling of being bare down there?

Is it for yourself? If so, then go for it. But, make sure to go to a salon that does not double dip. When dealing with the area down there, this can result in all sorts of infections, even STD transmission. We’re amazed at how many high-end spas and chop shops do not meet basic hygiene requirements such as no double dipping.

How do you explain your Brazilian wax to your teen or tween?

Mothers often have no privacy. Their kids strolling into the bathroom when they are showering or getting dressed. Tween and teen girls observe their mothers and look at them as role models. What messages do we send our daughters if we remove all our pubic hair? As young girls develop and their bodies change, the last thing we would want them to feel is that these changes are ugly, undesirable or dirty. While we would be happy to take our own daughters to remove any stray pubic hairs that poke out of their bikini bottoms, a Brazilian wax is far too sexualized for someone so young. A local wax shop in Toronto recently told us that they have had an increased number of young girls asking for Brazilians. They find it awkward and insist on asking the mother’s permission.

What do you think of Brazilian waxes? How would you explain why you have no pubic hair to your daughter?


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    “How would you explain why you have no pubic hair to your daughter?” Maturely, just like I would anything else. What kind of moronic question is that? I’m trying to decide if this is a serious article, or something someone just wrote out of their backend to fill a page.

  2. The article is a commentary on changing social norms and a starting point for discussion. While we embrace varying opinions, our hope is that when readers disagree with what we (or any of our contributors) write, they remain respectful in their commentary.


    The times will change. I canvassed a bunch of the men on the beach last year during cocktails and everyone over 40 likes a bit of fringe. That’s because they grew up looking at their dad’s Playboys. Or the Sears catalogue! Their boyhood image of women is with fringe.
    But the young men of today have never seen it. So I guess in 20 years, most people won’t know hair existed.
    My only thing is what is next – we can only change so much. Will breast implants be mandatory? Big lips. When will it end.

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