Shazam – What’s that Song?



Is the name of that song on the tip of your tongue? Then, Shazam is the app for you.

Have you ever heard a song on the radio that you really liked and waited until the end of the song to find out what it was, but at the very moment the radio host announces it either your child screams or someone starts talking to you and miss it?

Well, there is a solution to that, Shazam! Download the app and when the song comes on just push the ‘Listen’ button and Shazam will give you the name of the song, musician and album. Best of all it allows you to immediately purchase through iTunes.

Some other great features: it stores the song under ‘Tags’ so you can go back to it later on and recommends other songs/musicians that are similar.

Do you want to know what the most “Shazamed” songs were for the week? Check under news and see what everyone else is listening to.

Shazam has opened my eyes to a lot of great music.



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