Tweens, Privacy & Closed Doors

Question: My 12 year-old daughter spends a lot of time in her room with the door shut. It drives my husband crazy, but I think she needs...more

May 05, 2015Sara Dimerman

Diet and Fitness

Stay Slim This Spring

Spring is finally here in full effect and you may be feeling added pressure to fit into your shorts or swimsuits. After a long and (very) cold...more

May 04, 2015Dr. Shelly Reitkop, ND


School Lunches: the New Shaming Trend

I remember back to some of my school lunches: a bag of chips, a salami sandwich and some orange Tang. Not to drink, to dip your finger in...more

May 01, 2015Melissa Reynolds


A Tribute To My Daughters

So, I have been writing for Her Magazine for quite some time now. On average, my blogs are comprised of something social-work-related. I...more

April 29, 2015Sari Shaicovitch


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Fish Fajitas with Corn & Black Bean Salsa

You can’t easily find fish fajitas that aren’t deep-fried or served in a fried taco shell. Try my take for an outstanding, healthier...more

April 29, 2015Rose Reisman


Talk to Elmo with Elmo Calls

Calling all Elmo lovers (no pun intended)!!! by Sesame Street will make you look like the coolest parent EVER. Your kids can FaceTime with...more

April 28, 2015Terri Krajden


Who Can Benefit from an Educational Assessment?

It’s spring and teachers have their eye on June. How much more curriculum do they have to cover? Do they have enough information for the...more

April 27, 2015Ann Wolff and Karen Wolff


What’s Better: a Standard or Collateral Char...

A few years ago, several lenders moved to exclusively providing collateral charge mortgages. I find that most people still don't really...more

April 23, 2015Ingrid Bjel McGaughey


Overcoming Chronic Pain to Reach New Heights

In the summer of 1996 at the age of thirty, I slipped on a wet tennis court and tore a hip muscle. Being young, fit and generally healthy, I...more

April 23, 2015Carole Staveley


Graphic Novels – Enticing the Reluctant Read...

If you are of a certain vintage, you may recall the thrill of getting your hands on Archie Comics. Or maybe you were into Marvel. The...more

April 22, 2015Stacey Cline

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