Explaining Tragedy in the News to Kids

Mr. Rogers (yes, TV’s Mr. Rogers on the front step in his cardigan) offered valuable advice about talking to children about tragedy in the...more

November 26, 2014Stacey Cline


Kale Parmesan Chips

You don’t have to sacrifice your crunch cravings to eat healthy. Store-bought kale chips can be expensive and there’s no need to buy them...more

November 26, 2014Rose Reisman


Jacob in the Hospital – It Takes a Village

The most terrifying words I've ever heard were spoken 21 days ago, shortly after I pressed the red Nurse Call button beside my son's bed in his...more

November 25, 2014Marcy White

Diet and Fitness

Are Food Sensitivities Making You Fat?

Do you ever feel like you’re ALWAYS on a diet? Always counting calories, considering portion sizes and keeping active? If you eat well and...more

November 25, 2014Dr. Shelly Reitkop, ND


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Diet and Fitness

Vitamin Supplements – Yes or No?

Most of us have accumulated a supplement stash that takes up a whole cubby in our pantry, and those of us with kids likely have a bottle of...more

November 24, 2014Debora Sloan


Baby #4 – Why I Want a Big Family

If you had asked me ten years ago if I wanted a big family, I probably would have answered that I wanted two children. After all, two is such...more

November 21, 2014Melissa Reynolds


Moisturizer – Purse Essentials to Combat Win...

It's only November, but the temperature is dropping and the wind is increasing and this means our glowing summer moisturized skin is quickly...more

November 21, 2014Lindsay Veling


Condom Use – Expert Tips to Avoid Pregnancy

No contraception can offer 100% protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or pregnancy. However, if used properly, condoms are an...more

November 21, 2014Rae Dolman


How Important is Getting Married?

"We have six kids so we felt beyond marriage already," Pitt told  last month. "But the kids were asking and we thought it would be a lovely...more

November 19, 2014Rebecca Eckler


Getting Pregnant – Managing the Baby-Waiting...

I remember when I was first pregnant. The first time around. We had been trying for about 4 years, and getting pregnant was not an easy road. I...more

November 19, 2014Sari Shaicovitch

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