I Don’t Want Summer to End

The lake is still warm, the weather is hot and humid and we’ve just hit one of the hottest days of the year. And yet I know, just like it...more

September 04, 2015Melissa Reynolds


Introducing your Child to a New Significant Other

Change is difficult for many people, particularly for children. When my children were younger, it was not uncommon for them to shy away from...more

September 03, 2015Sari Shaicovitch


Must Have App Alert – Waze!

Every time I do an app review, I think, it is the best app in its area, but officially  is the BEST app … period … the end! I was told...more

September 03, 2015Terri Krajden


Shrimp, Mango and Soba Noodle Salad

The combination of shrimp, sweet mango and soba noodles is outstanding. Soba noodles are made from buckwheat flour and have a nutty flavour,...more

September 02, 2015Rose Reisman


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Why Facebook is My Lifeline

I love Facebook. It's fun to see photos of smiling faces and breathtaking views from mountain tops at sunrise. I occasionally enjoy seeing...more

August 31, 2015Marcy White


Rest in Peace, My Love

I always described Matthew as the kindest soul who always found the good in people. Anyone who met him felt his warmth immediately. He loved...more

August 28, 2015Heidi Wilk


The Power Of Sharing Stories

Imagine a world without history. Imagine a world without our stories. I am passionate about sharing the awesome wisdom rooted in our...more

August 26, 2015Liz Pearl

Love /Sex

Addyi, Flibanserin, Little Pink Pill, or Female Vi...

Addyi, Flibanserin, the Little Pink Pill, or Female Viagra. What ever you call it, on August 18, 2015 Flibanserin was approved by the Food...more

August 25, 2015Rae Dolman


Ashley Madison Hack – An Invasion Of Privacy

It was scandalous enough when it was announced that famous cheating-enabler site Ashley Madison was hacked, but like any good story it had a...more

August 25, 2015Melissa Reynolds


Back in the Game for Back to School

You’ve probably been thinking of back to school since July because that’s when the ads first appeared. Of course they did; we need to make...more

August 24, 2015Stacey Cline

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