Best Blogs – Her Magazine 2014

Best blogs from Her Magazine in 2014! Her Magazine is where Canadian women share commentary on issues beyond mommyhood. Be the next to...more

December 22, 2014Her Magazine

Diet and Fitness

Counting Calories

The holiday season is almost here, but for most of you, holiday celebrations began weeks ago. Translation? Lots of eating…AND drinking! It’s...more

December 22, 2014Debora Sloan

Love /Sex

Dealing with an Extramarital Affair

I was asked quite some time ago to compose a blog on extramarital affairs. I have been struggling ever since to think about what I want to...more

December 19, 2014Rae Dolman


‘Twas The Week Before Christmas

It's that time of year again. The shopping, the money spent, the get-togethers. I don't want to seem like a kill-joy, but it's really...more

December 19, 2014Melissa Reynolds




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Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Beauty Lover

We're more than half-way through December (how did that happen?)! This month has just flown by and I don't know what your schedule has been like,...more

December 18, 2014Lindsay Veling


Snooping through your Partner’s Phone

“If u touch the guy ur dating phone & he freaks out he is a) shady b) untrustworthy c) hiding something d) all of the above,” tweeting...more

December 18, 2014Rebecca Eckler


Dreading Winter Break & Christmas Holidays

I dread the Christmas holidays. Not in a bah humbug way, I love driving around and looking at the glowing lights shining through freshly fallen...more

December 18, 2014Marcy White


Tips for Explaining Death to Children

Life  can be unpredictable sometimes. The day could start off completely as per usual and anything can happen. We can never really prepare...more

December 17, 2014Sari Shaicovitch


Stuffed Chicken with Asparagus, Brie & Pepper

You don’t have to eat out to have a gourmet dining experience. This light version of stuffed chicken includes a delicious combination of...more

December 17, 2014Rose Reisman


Getting a Mortgage if You Are Self-Employed

If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, consultant, or work on contract rather than full-time salary, and you might need a mortgage in...more

December 17, 2014Ingrid Bjel McGaughey

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