Discovering the Joy of Reading through Film

If you are concerned because your child doesn’t show much interest in reading, consider enticing her or him to discover the joy of reading...more

January 28, 2015Stacey Cline


Chocolate Chip Cookie and Brownie Squares

If you love chocolate chip cookies and brownies, wait until you try this combination. The crunchy cookie on the bottom and the creamy brownie on...more

January 28, 2015Rose Reisman


Jacob’s Disease & the Impact on Our Family

I hate PMD. On March 21, 2003, I was told that Pelizaeus-Merzbacher disease (PMD) was the cause of Jacob's assorted medical issues. I've...more

January 27, 2015Marcy White


Style Find – Cross-Body Purse

Do you own a cross-body purse? I’m sure you do. With winter’s bulky coats, this long-strapped purse will feel less of a burden. Add some...more

January 26, 2015MT Meikle and Irene Kim


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Love /Sex

Marriage, Kids & a New Kind of Love

I remember when my husband I first met. The evenings out, the lazy weekends spent in bed, watching movies, just hanging out. I loved him more...more

January 23, 2015Melissa Reynolds

Diet and Fitness

New Year’s Resolutions Re-visited: Making th...

We’re about 3 weeks post New Year’s, it’s cold and dreary outside, and about that time when those good ol' resolutions we made at...more

January 23, 2015Debora Sloan


Effects of Divorce on Adult Spouses

A healthy marriage is stable, mutually satisfying, and sexual. What happens when a marriage is no longer stable, satisfying, or sexual, and...more

January 23, 2015Rae Dolman


What the Hell is a Fun Mom?

“She’s the fun mom,” A source tells , about Kris Jenner. So, on the recent cover of US Weekly, two very startling ‘before’ and...more

January 22, 2015Rebecca Eckler

Diet and Fitness

Trend Alert: Waist Training

I've seen the topic of waist training come up in my news feed regularly over the past weeks and months, and this is a trend to be wary...more

January 22, 2015Justine Cappel


Winter Nail Polish Trends

Just because we're in the midst of winter, our hands feel dry and most likely we're wearing gloves, there is no excuse for not having our nails...more

January 21, 2015Lindsay Veling

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