Arugula Lentil Sweet Potato Salad

Here’s a vegetarian delight using one of the most nutritious greens, arugula. Arugula is filled with antioxidants that are known to...more

October 22, 2014Rose Reisman


Trying to Conceive – Baby Making Versus Love...

On October 25th, 2014, I will be one of the speakers at a . My talk is on the difference between love making and baby making for people trying...more

October 21, 2014Rae Dolman


Is it a Sweater or a Coat?

This classic sweater is a very versatile wardrobe staple. I’ve always been devoted to a grey sweater/cardigan that can be belted or left...more

October 20, 2014MT Meikle and Irene Kim

Diet and Fitness

How bad do you want it?

This simple question crosses my mind multiple times a day. When I’m gasping for air on the last reps of a killer CrossFit workout, when...more

October 20, 2014Debora Sloan


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Diet and Fitness

TRX, Bosu and Ugi – Crushing on Fitness Toys

I love a good sweat. I do my best to take advantage of the outdoors whenever possible whether it’s going for a walk with my babe in the...more

October 17, 2014Justine Cappel


How Cancer Has Affected My Marriage

I am often asked how my life and my relationship with my husband Matthew has changed over the last six years since his diagnosis with brain...more

October 17, 2014Heidi Wilk

Diet and Fitness

Setting an Intention – What Does this Mean?

What is your intention? You may hear this phrase often in many different yoga classes. What does it mean? Why do we need an intention to take...more

October 16, 2014Sam Merkur


Does Gwyneth Paltrow Really Want to Meet her Ex...

“She’d like to spend a little time with her and thinks they’d probably get along,” a source tells on Gwyneth Paltrow meeting her ex’s...more

October 16, 2014Rebecca Eckler


New York Shopping for (Serious) Boutique Shoppers

Is a trip to New York City in your travel plans? One thing on which every visitor to the Big Apple can agree is that New York shopping is...more

October 16, 2014Carrie Smith


White String Beans with Tomatoes and Olives

We’re used to seeing green string beans as a side dish, but the white variety is often forgotten. Similar in taste and texture, I like...more

October 15, 2014Rose Reisman

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